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NASA Calls on Commercial Partners to Bid for 2022 Lunar Deliveries

Amongst the payloads are a radiation-tolerant computer and electronic dust shields for future Artemis astronauts.September 09, 2020NASA has just issued a new request for its private commercial space company partners to make deliveries of experimental payloads to the Moon sometime in 2022.The payloads are part of NASA& 39;s efforts to pave the way for its planned 2024 Artemis missions, which will see humans return to the Moon.
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Promote Your Business Online With This Extensive Stock Video Bundle

This subscription grants you unlimited access to 50 premium videos from Design Wizard’s extensive stock video library.February 14, 2020You don’t need to work in the marketing department of a Fortune 500 company in order to know that when it comes to promoting your brand or business, nothing is more important than creating engaging video content—regardless of whether you’re trying to draw customers to your website or expand your social media presence.
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3rd Bosphorus Bridge: World's Widest

January 17, 2016& 34;We are building the best and widest suspension bridge in the world& 34; -Teddy Hwang (Project Engineer) Image source: ICA One of the most beautiful and impressive bridges of the world is nearing completion. The Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, otherwise known as the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge, will be named the world& 39;s widest bridge, among many other titles.
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Contaminated Water in China Sickens Nearly 500 People

Citizens in the region are hospitalized due to the water& 39;s side effects.August 24, 2020An unfortunate turn of events has caused hundreds of people living in eastern China to fall ill after drinking contaminated water.The water caused nearly 500 people living in the area to catch a bacteria that leads to developing diarrhea, fever, and stomach cramps, per state media on Monday.
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