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Spider Sculpts Large Decoy Spiders

February 02, 2013A new species of sculpting spider has been discovered in Peru. Scientists at the time of this writing believe it to be a member of the Cyclosa genus of arachnids. This spider is unique among the others in the genus, however. The spider is small but sculpts a replica of a quite large and anatomically correct spider at the center of its own web.
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Excessive Internet Usage Hurts Students Ability to Study

Students who used the Internet for four hours a day were less likely to study.January 17, 2020College students addicted to the Internet have a tougher time getting motivated to study than those who aren& 39;t problematic users of digital media.That& 39;s according to new research conducted by researchers at Swansea University and the University of Milan, who studied 285 university students who were enrolled in a range of health-related degrees courses.
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3D Printed Animal Stinger Needles Might Make Human Injections Less Painful

A group of scientists looked to nature to design a new 3D printed microneedle based on various animals& 39; sharpest points, and the result might be less painful than typical needles.May 21, 2020Most people don& 39;t enjoy the prick of a needle during shots, but a new bio-inspired microneedle — 3D printed with protruding barbs inspired by stinging creatures of nature — might make shots less painful, according to a paper published in Advanced Functional Materials.
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Hadera Desalination Station

February 24, 2012 Image Source : IDE TECH On May 16-th, 2010, Israel consortium unveiled officially the biggest of its kind desalination station in the world. It works using the principle of reverse osmosis and is placed near the coastal city of Hadera. The Israel company H2ID, jointly owned by IDE Technologies and Shikun & Binui, developed the project.
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