Aria Cruise Ship

Aria Cruise Ship

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[Image Source : Avalon Waterways]

The ship was built at the Aqua Expeditions’ shipyard in Iquitos, Peru, and sails since April 2011. M/V Aria was the second luxury cruise ship in the fleet of Aqua Expeditions on the northern part of the Amazon River which cost was $4,000,000.

The lounge was designed by Jordi Puig and features a refreshment area, relaxing cushioned chairs and bathroom facilities with a 5 star comfort style.

The ship is a sailing 5-star hotel, with luxury private places and sleeping rooms. The top deck accommodates an observation lounge, an outdoor whirlpool bathtub and a sun deck. All passengers are able to choose between bar lounge, reference library, dining room, exercise room and a boutique for their spare time. The boutique offers a collection of arts and crafts from the Amazon region and Peru.

The ship was custom built by Peruvian architect Jordi Puig. It is 45m long, 9m wide and has draft of 1.5m. The gross tonnage is 500t.

The ship is supplied with water purifying plant with total capacity of 9,000l.

[Image Source : Avalon Waterways]

The ship is equipped with four aluminum boats for emergency cases and a paramedic is available on board too. Each boat has the capacity to accommodate eight to ten passengers and is provided with a guide and launch pilot. It also has satellite phones, backup radio communication equipment, emergency lighting and signs in the passage ways.

[Image Source : Avalon Waterways]

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