Here Are 9 Essentials for All of the Crazy Campers out There

Here Are 9 Essentials for All of the Crazy Campers out There

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Obviously, it's not the best time for camping right now if you live in the North Hemisphere, but there are also some people who like to enjoy the cold weather outside, in nature.

But camping is always a good idea. Whether it's summer or winter, or it's on the beach or out in the forest, with your friends or your significant other, it'll never not give you good times.

Every once in a while, it feels good to get away from your house and your comfort zone, and face mother nature and have a peaceful time with your loved ones.


However, it's important to have the right gadgets before going camping, since it can get cold, uncomfortable or maybe a little dangerous when there's a bear attack (jk, or am I?).

Here are 9 best camping gadgets and essentials for you.

1. Coleman Tent

Of course, the main thing about a camping trip is a tent. You can use this cool tent anywhere you want, beach, forest, festival, or the backyard of your house. But I'm not going to take any responsibility when everyone around starts asking where did you get such a cool tent and you won't be able to rest your head. So if you're looking to have the best camping experience in your life, you should go for this tent.

2. Sleepingo Camping Sleeping Pad

Well, you've thought about getting a sleeping pad before the camping, right? If not, we have some serious problems here my friend. But whatever, since you're not going to sleep in your comfortable, soft bed when you're camping outside, it might be possible to wake up with a stiff neck. So, if you want to feel the same comfort you have when you're sleeping home during camping, this sleeping pad will help you loads.

3. Trekology Camping Chair

As it was mentioned before, camping may not offer you the comfort of your house. But you can still create a home-like environment right in the middle of a forest, on a beach, or anywhere you want. And one of the things you need for this is a camping chair on which you can sit, enjoy your beer, coffee or hot wine while watching the sea or the sky and listening to music with your favorite people.

4. Coleman Camping Stove

There's no specific time to go on a camping trip. Even when it's snowing like crazy, you can have a great time while camping. But no one would like freeze to death, so you should try to stay warm. This camping stove can help you with this. While you're relaxing with your hot wine in the middle of a snowy forest, this stove will keep you warm like you're in front of a fireplace.

5. Odoland Camping Cooking Kit

I'm sure you weren't thinking of staying hungry for the night when you're camping. And you don't have to bring premade foods which probably will get cold and become not so delicious until you eat them.

What about cooking your own food in the woods? It's not impossible. And no, I'm not talking about barbecue. Just by having this cooking kit, you'll be able to cook any food you love. Also, with the kettle, you can make coffee or other hot beverages to enjoy with your friends.

6. Nantucket Spider Insect Repellent

What can be worse than little bugs ruining all your camping by making your friend scream, biting all your body, going in your mouth when you're sleeping and more? Yeah, nature is cool and serene but everything comes at a price. It's not a big deal to have an insect repellent to get rid of all insects. And if you're cool with insects and don't want to hurt any of them, it's much better!

7. Bahco Knife Set

You can calm down, just because here's a knife on the list doesn't mean that it's something blood-related. A knife can help a lot when you're camping. You can use it when you cook, when you go hiking or when you need to cut a rope. Stay away from our animal friends or your friend who's been acting a bit different since the beginning of the camping though.

8. Aquarius CiCi First Aid Kit

Anything can happen when you're camping, actually, anything can happen anytime, c'est la vie, you know. You're away from your home, and probably from the city center too, so what are you going to do if something bad happens? This first aid kit can help a lot in case of emergency. Whether you cut your finger with the knife or burn yourself with the kettle, the first aid kit will be at your service.


You're in the wildlife, and whether it's a chill and relaxing camping trip or a moving one with loads of activities, you need water. But carrying enough water with you can be difficult in the first place. But this bottle is great for you if you're going camping in a place near water. It removes bacteria and viruses in seconds after you fill it with water, and it does it without any chemicals or electricity.

So you don't have to worry about how you're going to carry enough water for your trip, but maybe you should worry about where and how to get water wherever you camp because of global warming, you know what I'm talking about.

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