General Motors Investing $2.2 Billion in Detroit Plant to Build Only Electric Vehicles

General Motors Investing $2.2 Billion in Detroit Plant to Build Only Electric Vehicles

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The world of electric vehicles (EV) keeps expanding, and we're grateful for it. General Motors (GM) has secured its spot in the EV race as the Detroit-based U.S. company announced its plans to invest $2.2 billion in an all-electric vehicle-making plant.

The Detroit-Hamtramck assembly plant will focus solely on producing electric SUVs and a variety of all-electric trucks.

GM's plans for its first all-electric truck kickstart in 2021, when production begins.


New jobs and new cars

Not only is GM investing the whopping $2.2 billion amount on refurbishing its disused Detroit plant for the future of electric vehicles, but the carmaker has also decided to invest an additional $800 million towards supplier goods.

[email protected] just announced a $2.2B investment and 2,200 #MFG jobs at our D-Ham plant. We’re excited for our first fully dedicated electric vehicle assembly plant! Learn more on what’s to come from our President, Mark Reuss and EVP of Global Manufacturing, Gerald Johnson.

— General Motors Manufacturing (@MFG_GM) January 27, 2020

With the new plant in sight, approximately 2,000 new jobs will be created in the Detroit area once it's up and running.

The above information was publicly shared on Monday by GM. "Through this investment, GM is taking a big step forward in making our vision of an all-electric future a reality," said Mark Reuss, GM president.

Going back in time to 2018, GM had plans of closing the Detroit-Hamtramck assembly plant, but with the new investments the plant is set to be back in business soon. The assembly plant will welcome new machines, conveyors, controls and tooling.

Electric trucks, SUVs and the @Cruise Origin — all built here in our hometown. This is what the future of transportation looks like. #Detroit#ZeroEmissions

— General Motors (@GM) January 27, 2020

One such EV that GM plans on also reviving is the "iconic" Hummer. Moreover, the company will also build its first EV by the end of 2021, followed by an interesting-looking self-driving shuttle.

The current plan is for GM to have 20 EVs on the market by 2023.

Watch the video: GM investing $ billion into electric, self-driving vehicles (June 2022).


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