10-Year-Old Invents Plastic Curtain to Enable Grandparent Hugging Amid COVID-19

10-Year-Old Invents Plastic Curtain to Enable Grandparent Hugging Amid COVID-19

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The COVID-19 pandemic has forced everyone to rethink who they may and may not see as risk groups like the elderly have no choice but to keep away from their kids and grandchildren — creating an emotional deficit of hugs, kisses, and sweet words and memories for everyone involved.

But a ten-year-old girl with more ingenuity than patience took to her drawing board and designed a plastic curtain to hang between fond reunions, which could prevent transmission between potentially infected family members, according to a Facebook post from ABC's Good Morning America.


Young girl invents plastic curtain to protect elderly from COVID-19

Once the young girl, named Paige, saw a video of someone making a blanket to allow reunions between family members young and old, a new idea inspired her.

So the young girl invented a curtain so her grandparents could embrace her once more.

Paige added sleeves to the curtain to allow opposable arms, for hugging between family members.

Plastic curtain can reunite families separated by social distancing

A video from ABC's Good Morning America covered the heartwarming invention, depicting the how the plastic curtain allows for a familial reunion.

This comes as many cities around the world begin to ease social distancing measures after several months of draconian measures taken by national and local authorities. In Hong Kong, restaurants are already bustling once again after previously-implemented social distancing measures begin to relax, reports the South China Morning Post.

In Amsterdam, a Dutch restaurant implemented full social distancing measures to separate staff from customers, providing an impressively serene environment, and is already fully-booked. In U.S. cities, however, social distancing measures are on the cusp of easing restrictions on major businesses, as Tesla defied local authorities by reopening despite local lockdown measures in California.

We have a long way to go, but some of the brightest minds might begin to find ways around social distancing measures that have interrupted the crucial parts of our lives that keep us going.

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