Blast off! First Ever Rocket Launched from Scottish Island by Skyrora

Blast off! First Ever Rocket Launched from Scottish Island by Skyrora

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Edinburgh-based Skyrora launched its two-meter (6.5feet) Skylark Nano rocket from the Fethaland Peninsula at North Roe on the Scottish island on Saturday.

The rocket reached an impressive altitude of six kilometers, marking the third time the projectile took flight.


"The launch signifies a vital step towards Skyrora’s ambitions to become the UK’s “go-to” satellite launch provider. We’re ecstatic and truly proud. This is a great success for Skylark Nano, and the Skyrora team in general. Launching from Shetland is very important for us because it’s a potential option for our Skyrora XL orbital commercial launch vehicle. To understand the local launch conditions learning more about the wind profiles in Shetland is critical," said Robin Hague, Head of Launch.

Skyrora plans to launch from Shetland in the future while Saturday's launch was undertaken for educational purposes, collecting data to provide training for Skyrora’s future endeavors.

“Skylark Nano’s third successive launch is testament to the engineers who have worked tirelessly to bring to life a reusable rocket that can provide valuable intelligence for the future of the UK space programme," added Hague.

Before proceeding with the launch, Skyrora completed a full static fire test.

“With this successful launch from Shetland we are further closing the gap to making the UK a rocket launching nation again," said Volodymyr Levykin, CEO.

“For Skyrora this test was all about learning and training. The innovation at Skyrora is enormous, not only are we producing high-quality results, but we are doing so with minimum impact to the environment as we strive to develop eco-friendly technology in our launches.

“At a time of such uncertainty it is important we keep focusing on ingenuity and enterprise. We hope reaching space will inspire the whole nation and show the younger generation what the future of UK Space holds”.

The firm is now looking to continue developing the cutting-edge research and technology that it uses ahead of its first planned commercial orbital launches.

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