You Can Now Play DOOM on a Windows 95 PC Inside Minecraft

You Can Now Play DOOM on a Windows 95 PC Inside Minecraft

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Video games are the ultimate experience in fun and entertainment. They allow you to venture into different worlds and explore adventures you could never do in real life.


But what is even cooler is when video games emulate the real world in an interesting way. Minecraft has recently started offering such an option.

With a new community mod, the game allows you to build a working Windows 95 PC and actually play the classic game DOOM on it. A video game within a video game? Wow! Color me impressed.

It works with a new VM Computers mode that allows the player to order computer parts from a satellite in Minecraft. The satellite passes over the player five times an in-game day, so it should be easy to come by.

Then, these parts can be assembled into a functional PC that boots Windows 95 and a variety of other operating systems. The mod uses VirtualBox, an open-source virtual machine software, to achieve this.

People have already started toying with this new feature and posting their results on Reddit. People come up with more and more things to do with these virtual PCs, and we are personally waiting for someone to play Minecraft within Minecraft.

I played DOOM in Minecraft with VMComputers mod. from r/Minecraft

This is not the first time Windows 95 runs on a different platform. The operating system has already been featured on an Xbox One and an Apple watch. Where will it show up next? Only time can tell.

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