These Tear Drop-Shaped Tents Let You Camp While Hanging From a Tree

These Tear Drop-Shaped Tents Let You Camp While Hanging From a Tree

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The coronavirus pandemic has forced many people to stay in their countries but that doesn't mean they can't find creative and even exotic ways to vacation. Belgians, for instance, are trying a novel camping experience right in their home towns: spending their evenings in teardrop-shaped tents hanging from a tree.


The aesthetically pleasing structures are the creation of Dutch artist Dre Wapenaar and they should be considered more of an art piece than a hotel room. Surely, that does not mean that they are not loads of fun to stay in.

“The tents are fully booked every summer, but this year, the bookings went much faster. If we had more tents, they would also be taken every day of July and August,” told South China Morning Post Katrien Houbey, head of tourism for the eastern town of Borgloon. The town has hosted four of the special tents since 2011.

“I believe it’s because of the government’s guidelines to travel in your own country. So people started searching for alternatives to stay somewhere,” she said.

The tents are not pricey. The go for €70 (US$79) a night but they provide a unique experience that cannot easily be replicated. Maybe this would explain why they have been around since the 1990s despite not being the most convenient locations.

The tents were originally designed to support environmentalists who were fighting to save trees. Don't let that fool you though. The structures are fully functional and are equipped with a bathroom and a barbecue.

We have to admit we are a bit concerned about plumbing issues with these tents. Where exactly does the waste go? Still, that does not change their appeal.

As the tents are hung in forests they provide a fun way to truly reconnect with nature and relax. We have to admit the pictures are giving us vacation envy. How about you?

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